Cultural education using digital media

Digital Playground is a non-profit cultural institution. We are involved in cultural education for children and youngsters with the use of digital media. In our workshops we combine cultural and/or societal content with an active component where children and youngsters make media using digital technology. Think of film, photography, animation, virtual reality, game design, etc. Of course digital literacy and 21st century skills are very common concepts in our work.

21st century creativity

Developing creativity

We refer to our work with the term 21st century creativity: developing creativity using digital media in workshops where children and/or youngsters work together on a digital work of art in a particular kind of media technology.

Supported by the local government of Rotterdam

Rotterdam and beyond

Our activities are funded partly by the local government of Rotterdam. Our focus therefore is on children and youngsters from this city, but we are open to projects and opportunities that have a greater or different range.

A wide reach

Annually we host workshops for over 5.000 pupils from Rotterdam schools. From the lowest to the highest levels in the age group of 12 to 18 years, sometimes a bit older or younger. Our activities mainly take place in our medialab in the Rotterdam city centre where we can accommodate 40 people at the same time. We regularly collaborate with other cultural institutions and schools. For example in project weeks or annual introduction weeks.

From 2017 on we will also be presenting activities outside of the school curriculum. Like workshops during school holidays and weekends.

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